Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Slightly more confident

We walked the model house just to compare notes to where we are at. Overall our house is gorgeous and seriously outclasses the model home. I'm not biased or anything. ;)

JP and Susan were at the model at a pre-construction meeting. So we went off to lunch and let them finish. It was a great surprise to run into JP at our house afterward. 

He walked the house with us. He let us know the schedule of things to come. He assured us all of the issues were noticed and will be fixed. 

The entryway pendant is ordered and hopefully on the way. He's putting in a fourth call about our cracked garage door window panel. The drywallers will be out to fix the rest of the issues after trim finishes and installs are complete.  He just had to laugh that the trim crew put up crown moulding in the wrong room. He will get us our missing crown moulding AND we get to keep the moulding they mistakenly put in the kids office. SCORE!  Sometimes these mistakes work out in the long run. 

Another issue popped up. They were installing my range hood while we were there. It's gorgeous BUT the installer asked me how high I wanted the stack to go. Uhmmm, to the ceiling. He told me it wasn't high enough. I could be two inches shy OR just cut it off to match the height of the cabinets. I asked if we could get another stack to fit the entire length. It's just a decorative piece of metal that finishes off the look and doesn't really work as the exhaust. He said I would have to order a completely different hood to get that.  I had to leave for work but my boyfriend knows how much this kitchen means to me. He went over to visit Susan and she's going to fix it. We chose this hood from one of their model homes. Their stack goes up to the top in a cathedral ceiling and it's the same model hood.  Susan has our backs once again. She seriously needs a HUGE bouquet of flowers on closing day. 

During install

After (stopping half way up just looks ridiculous)

Guardian still has a couple of things to complete. He told us we have to make an appointment for them to set up the alarm system and they will probably complete the two missing intercoms and the missing cable connection then. We will call today and make that happen. 

The siding was finally completed. 

The dirt is on site and ready for final grading. 

They knocked out the front curb to prep for the driveway ramp and sidewalk. 

They spruced the place up a bit and uncovered the floors. They are filthy.  I'm looking forward to meeting the cleaning lady.

The garage is almost cleaned up

And they installed our garage stairs. 

Mudroom tile floors

Basement bath with vinyl flooring 

Laundry room with vinyl flooring and they installed the drain pan.  Now we can measure for cabinets and table on the far wall. 

The kids bath 

And filthy bathtub

They mudded the window that was replaced. 

The dishwasher was installed. The rest of the kitchen appliances will be delivered after closing. 

I was happy to find the ugly soap dish removed from our shower. 

Not a trace of it was left on the wall but it's remains lay behind

My kitchen is nearing completion. Next comes the subway tile backsplash. 

We took a shopping trip to Lowes to pick up painting supplies and new bathroom faucets. The only standard faucet we are keeping is in the basement. 

As I left the house this morning the trim guys were arriving. Hopefully they finish the built-in today. There was also a crew putting up the gutters. 


  1. Niiiicce! Can't wait to see the backsplash in the kitchen!

    1. Thanks. I'm excited to see the backsplash as well. It's supposed to go in Monday.