Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Becoming a home

All the little touches have started to come together and when I walked in today it no longer felt like a house under construction. It felt like home. 

We have a mailbox. It's not pretty but I'll try to snazz it up later. At least everyone else in the neighborhood is stuck with it as well. 

They are ready to pour the short little sidewalk in front of the house. 

All of the dirt had been pushed around and our lot has its final grading. It's actually quite nice. 

The empty space is right behind the garage door. They will fill it in with gravel and pour a 10x10 concrete pad. 

We do have a bit of a slope but he evened it out as much as he could at the top. I'm thinking we will have a deck rather than a patio. 

They installed our tiny 4x6 deck. 

The view from the deck

Our lot goes through the wooded area to the back of the clearing beyond.  Clearing out the underbrush is on the to-do list. 

Our view of the neighboring cornfield 

Notice anything different?

They painted the front door. The trim, sidelites and columns still need painted. I'm wondering if the trim around the glass will be black or white. I think it will look good either way. 

I can't wait to come home to this everyday. It's so bright and open. 

The kids office

Panorama facing the front door. 

The built-in is looking great. It needs coat hooks in the center now. 

The mud room

Shelving in the mud room closet. 

The hole in the wall is gone. Not a trace. It looks awesome.

The botched trim looks great now. 

They tried to fix the edges of the bar but it's still not great. I'll ask JP if they can clean it up a bit more. 

They did a great job going around the house and fixing the little dings and spotty areas. 

I love this stairwell. We have a large painting by a family member that will reside on that wall. 

The screws are no longer showing in the master closet. 

The mirrors are installed. Here is the master bath

The shower door is in

The laundry room is complete. 

The view down the staircase into the great room

Kids bath


Powder room 

Towel bars and toilet paper holders are installed 

The finished basement

Basement bath

Looking from the basement up the stairs to the office. Notice the standard carpet meets the upgraded carpet in a strange spot. It looks a bit funny but I guess they have to meet somewhere. I took my shoes off through the house and I could really tell a huge difference in level 1 carpeting and the standard. It was definitely worth the additional cost. 

The garage is clean!  And big!

I am so ready to come home. 11 more days. 

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