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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

One room at a time? Or all at once?

I thought we would focus on one room at a time and make our way through the house until it was complete. Well, that plan fell apart. 

Each day I try to focus on one room, but I find myself opening boxes meant for one room that contain items for all over the house. Then I get distracted and start another project in another room. All I can say is there is no need for a gym. I travel up and down these stairs at least 100 times a day. 

Today I focused on piles of boxes. They exist all over the house. 

Then I pile the empty boxes in the entryway to monitor my progress.  When overwhelmed with the work left to do, it's nice to see that something was actually accomplished. 

Next, I worked on the kids office and kids bathroom. 

I finished painting the old cubbie cabinet. The office just needs the curtains hung, when I find them at the bottom of a box... somewhere. I purchased the rods today. 

The kids shower curtain and rug arrived from Bed Bath & Beyond. I installed the curved shower rod and hung everything up. "Bathroom Rules" is the theme. When I showed it to the kids they asked, "Do we have to follow ALL the rules?" Ha. 

All that's left is to finish installing the new faucets in here. 

The old 

The new

My boyfriend continues to care for the new sod and seed. The water company is still waiting for a release from Inverness to switch the water into our name, so we are keeping this new sod drenched thanks to Inverness. We have one bush in front fighting for its life but it looks like it's coming around. 

Our teenager-for-hire is almost done with the backyard. We are now thinking of putting more sod in. I don't think we realized how open it was going to be.  This picture only shows a portion of the yard. It really is huge. 

My boyfriend also started on the kids closets. He is putting shelving on the sides and a rod across for hanging. Zoe really wanted a walk-in closet so the double doors and shelves on the side give her that illusion. 

Then last night as we lounged on the new sofa we realized we should have bought a table set as well. So we took a quick trip to Morris Home Furniture and picked a set out. They blend with the gray/brown theme we have going and they are bulky which I like. 

That big blank wall needs to be filled. Sigh. Later... later. 

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