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Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

They painted, sigh

I'll just say this, it needs work. They aren't done, but some of what they have done is not up to the level we expect. 

My front door. It's a very pretty door but the filler used to cover the screw holes needs sanded down and they need to repaint those areas. It still need to be painted black on the other side. 

They never fixed the hole from the stray wiring. It still needs paint. 

They splattered paint on my kitchen cabinets!! Ugh

Splotchy work 

They got some on the ceilings as well

They didn't do a very thorough job spray painting some of the doors. The faded off white shows through on the panels. It makes it look dirty. 

The drywallers missed this row of screws in the master closet, so why not just paint over it?  Who will notice?

The installation of the granite caused some cracking that needs repaired 

They over cut some of the electrical boxes. They need repaired and repainted. 

They still need to sand and paint this area 

They need to drywall and paint the replacement window frame 

Someone put a nail in our wall?? Uhmmm why?

There are all kinds of new nicks and dings

They put drywall mud all over the light switch in the garage 

Guardian missed a box in the kids office. 

They wired for the range hood but haven't installed the box into the wall 

And I'm beginning to worry about my built-in. It's painted over but it's just crap wood. The model home has nice thick wood and trim. We definitely need to ask JP about it. Why paint it if it's not finished?

We have locks on top of our double doors but nothing to lock it to in the framework. 

I'm a bit disappointed with my visit today. We are at the two week mark and I feel like we're running out of time. There just isn't enough time to keep redoing sloppy work. 

I feel like JP is going to walk into the house and notice all the issues and probably more.  How could he not? Let's just hope they get it all fixed soon. 

It wasn't all bad. They did install the dimmers. 

And they fixed our lighting in the master bath. 

There is still a lot to do and time is running out. 

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  1. They always say they aren't done when you point out something wrong, lol. I want to reply you better not think your done, lol. They like to do things twice for some reason, keeps them busy, lol. I'm sure they will fix it in time, but they need to get on it.