Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

10th and final day of framing

For all intents and purposes, framing has come to its conclusion. The only thing missing are the stairs. I'm hoping that's on the game plan for tomorrow. 

We are meeting JP at 10 tomorrow to go over things and where the schedule stands.  My missing arch is still non existent. We also want to know when he's scheduling the electrician and Guardian to come in, so we can meet with them. 

We toured the main level today. My boyfriend kept saying it looked smaller than the model home. I feel like it's at least the same size, though it feels more open. Probably due to the no walls thing. The tape measure came out. Our new office will be 5ft wider than our current one, yet somehow he thinks his desk won't fit. I guess it takes a special kind of vision to see it without the walls. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Framing Day 9

I timed my visit perfectly today.  The crew were on their lunch break.  I had free reign to roam about.  The hard hat had disappeared so I lucked out.

It looks quite a bit different when you have a roof over your head.

My boyfriends precious garage

They finally put in a step from garage into the mud room.

My wall of windows is in place. 

They have rigged up some ramps to get to the other levels.  Unfortunately my flip-flops were no match for these.  I didn't even attempt it... though it was extremely tempting.

Our home is finally taking shape.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Framing Day 8

***UPDATE: 5:30pm My boyfriend just called to update me. The crane is on site and putting the trusses in place. I am stuck at work and bummed I can't be there. ***

I only had enough time for a quick drive-by before work. 

They put the cover over our porch. I honestly don't know what else they're working on today. The trusses are spread all over the yard ready to go up. 

Another addition is the hard hat hanging off the garage on the left. I'm not sure what the sign says but I have a feeling I will be required to wear it next time I go in. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Framing Day 7

Thanks to last weeks rain delays, we have gone into another week of framing.  From the looks of it, they are getting ready to finish up this week.

I pulled up to see the crew prepping the trusses.  Hopefully within the next couple of days they'll be placing them on the house.

I was feeling a little brave today and decided waltz right in as if I own the place.  I waved hello to the workers and started snapping pics.

This is the little arched niche in my entryway

They are hard at work on the second floor.

This is our master level.  The foreground is the bedroom and the wall separates the walk in closet, it goes the length of the bedroom.  

The doorway into the master bathroom.

The bedroom at the back of the house, AJ's room

Zoe's bedroom at the front of the house and their bathroom inbetween.

The loft, the window facing out the front of the house, and the crew working in my laundry room to the right.

I absolutely love all the huge openings.  Our windows and doorway are going to be big and bright.

My future front door.

The window and doorway of my morning room.

Now here's my question... what the heck is this zig-zag woodwork on the ceiling of our kids office and our lower office??  Has anyone ever seen it before, or know what it's for?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

The chaos of building

You do your research and more research. You analyze every detail of the plan. You comb over every tiny sample to make just the right selections. You print every statement known to man for financing. You stress if it's all going to work out... if your selections will look ok... if it will all be done on time. Then just as you start seeing it all come together your home is turned into the chaos of the move. Can I just say July cannot come fast enough.  I am SO done with this...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

A rainy Saturday

I am surprised they accomplished anything today. It's raining cats and dogs. Though it was nice to see the garage going up. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

At the end of the day

I worked until 8 and couldn't wait to sneak a peek at what the crew accomplished today. 

A few things that cause questions...

Chipping on the edge of one piece

One hole upstairs

The beam and framing doesn't quite make it to the house. This is in the garage. Behind is the staircase   

The Darby II model home has an office where the garage would be. Maybe that's why we never noticed the master bath juts out into the garage a couple of feet. Hmmm, maybe some neat shelving underneath?

Framing Day 5

They are prepping for the second floor. Our flex room arch is still missing. I'm wondering if they are just going to give us our French doors for free. That would be nice. 

The rest of the Bluffs is coming along nicely. 

Our Darby II in progress

Cathy & Johns Bentwood 

For Sale: The Pinehust II

The Buchanans Camden

The Hammond model home 

Hopefully we get more neighbors soon. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Monumental Step

I stepped into our home for the first time today. The first floor is basically framed out. We are just missing our wall of windows at the back of the house.  The owners level looks almost complete as well. 

My front door. (minus the door). The small window to the left is the mudroom. 

As you enter, at the right is the "flex room" or as we call it, the kids office. This is where we encounter our first problem while building. We originally put in a request for a double French door here. When our appraisal came back too low, this doorway was cut from the plan to save us $1000. It's supposed to have an archway opening now. A text has been sent to Susan and an email to JP. A free set of French doors would be nice though ;)  This is why you should follow them along every step of the way. It's easier to fix now than later. 

This is the archway on the left side of the entryway leading into our mudroom. On the plan it's a doorway, but we deleted it, and added the arch, as its one of those doors that would never be closed anyway. 

The closet of the mudroom

The window looking out of the mudroom

The archway in the right leading into my kitchen. You can see the pantry beyond. 

Looking into the breakfast nook from the back of the kitchen. I don't know if anyone is like me, but the first thing I noticed is my side window is SO much taller than the back doorway. I'll have to work magic with curtains to make it a bit more symmetrical. It will drive me bonkers. 

Our view from the morning room

Looking into the great room from the kitchen.  It's a house of archways. I love it. 

The fireplace is the only thing residing on our back wall currently.  This will be a giant wall of windows. 

The stairways (not yet in place). The left will lead down to the office, the right will lead up to the owners suite. 

The giant wall I will have to somehow decorate, and the owners suite. 

Looking up into the owners bath. The left is the shower. The middle is the water closet. The right is the walk in closet. 

The rest of the walk in closet. The open space is the bedroom.  

The office and owners suite from the front. 

They have yet to put up the garage walls. I know a lot of people say their homes seem small at this stage, but this sucker is going to be huge. It feels really big walking through it. Maybe because it has no roof yet. lol

Views from the sides and back 

From the very back post of our lot. 

It looks like JP cleared about another 10ft of trees and brush back here. YAY!  More yard. I'm not complaining. Our excavator is giving us more dirt from a Ryan homes lot down the street to even this all out. 

There were no signs of life at the house this morning. Hence all the cool pics. Can you tell I'm a bit excited?