Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Monday, July 13, 2015

She's ours!

We had a brief walk through with JP. He created an addendum for the items that will happen after closing. 

1. Sod and seed (when weather permits)
2. Garage door openers and fix cracked glass (hopefully this week)
3. Pendant light for the entryway (as soon as it comes in)
4. Cabinet hardware for the bathrooms. (they will install tomorrow)

JP has 60 days to get them done or he personally gets fined. 

Closing was quick and painless. We were given our warranties and maintenance booklets and keys.  Not to mention a check for the money back on our earnest deposit. 

Currently the house contains a roll of toilet paper, a mirror and hooks for my built-in. The rest will come tomorrow. It's time to make dinner and get a good nights sleep. The projects start tomorrow.