Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

The home stretch

We are about a week out from our house warming party. We're still fine tuning the details of it.  For two people who hate crowds it's a fine line of who to invite and hurting people's feelings for not inviting them. 

My boyfriend spent his weekend sprucing up the backyard. A new deck calls for new landscaping and new furniture. It's a work in progress. 



It's going to look awesome when it's done. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

They did a great job

Our deck is complete and we are extremely happy with it. It was completed in 4 days. Three days of actual work. It was built by Hayslett Construction out of Vandalia, Ohio. 

What I loved most is how clean they kept their site. I walked out on the deck and there were no signs they had even been there. It's as if a deck popped up out of nowhere. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our deck in progress

After a few estimates, deciding between a deck vs. a patio and then waiting for permits to go through, we are finally getting our deck. 

This is the baby 4x6 deck that came with the house. When the crew came in to tear it out we were surprised to find out the posts weren't even cemented into the ground. 

On Monday the old deck supports were removed and four giant new holes were dug. Then came an inspection where they were given the go ahead to continue. They poured cement into the holes and let it sit for two days before they started the install. 

This is after they placed the posts and back filled. We originally asked for a 12x20 deck but enlarged it to 12x24 to bring it out to the end of the fireplace. 

They drilled holes through our basement walls to anchor the supports on the house. This is going to be one sturdy deck. The stairs will come down behind the fireplace. 

They put in the railing posts and angled the edges. By the end of the day they had finished the framing and we're starting to install the boards. 

We are currently working on estimates to flatten out the lower portion of our yard and have sod installed. With all the yard work this summer, next summer we should be enjoying the fruits of our labor. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend projects and spare moments.

My boyfriend has been hard at work on our yard the past couple of weekends. He is just about done. It looks like this is the week our new deck will be put on as well. 

I want to pick out a bench for the front porch. 

He used the plants to try and camouflage the air conditioner and gas meter. 

Inside we are still not completely put together. Time off from work is spent doing the cleaning and laundry. Just trying to do a little something each day. 

The mud room cubbies are already jam packed and things are overflowing onto the kitchen bar top. I picked up a couple of things to catch the clutter and mail before it makes it to the kitchen. 

Pictures and decor are going up slowly. 

The 3rd car garage now houses what used to reside in our old shed. My boyfriend has done a great job getting it organized. 

He put in a motorized platform that lowers to the ground when he needs to mow. 

Now an update on our pantry door. Home Depot is ordering a new one, hopefully correct this time. We just have to wait for a September 18th delivery. IF they don't delay it again. Ugh. The only thing good about the wait is I won't have our house warming until it's in and it gives me time to finish getting this house together. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Up and coming on The Bluffs

I'm seeing red!  As in, red sold stickers all over the neighborhood. Two of the best lots on our street were just sold in the past couple days. Susan is doing a great job!

Here's a run down of what's to come.  

Lot #39 is just about done with the framing phase. We watched 2 men put this house together in 4 days!  It was crazy to watch. This is a Wyndham. They will have a great view of the front pond. 

The newest spec house is under way on lot #57.  Until it's actually sold, it has the lowest priority in getting done. It will be a Bradford.  Right now it's completed the foundation phase.  If you know someone interested in a new home now is the chance. I hear someone is already calling about it. The Bluffs are becoming a hot commodity. 

We will have another Pinehurst in the neighborhood next to John and Cathys place. Lot #47 already has the footers in place. 

Lot #55 is a corner lot and it's one of the biggest lots in the community. They are putting a Dartmouth I with a 3 car side garage. 

Right across the street is lot #51. It will become a Sinclair. 

Two doors down sits lot #41. It sold this week and will be home to an Austin II. 

The best news of all came today. Susan pulled up in front of our house to put a big red sold sticker on Lot #42!!  We have actual neighbors now. We had the great opportunity to meet them a couple of times at the model home. Once they build we can finally be rid of that ugly electric pole in the yard. They are building a Camden. 

Another weekend of projects at The Darby. 

My project

His project

Friday, August 7, 2015


My gorgeous pantry door FINALLY came in after being delayed twice. 

I opened it up ready to paint it. That's when I found out it was made for an in-swinging door instead of an out-swing. Ugh!! 

It will be interesting to see how Home Depot handles this. We clearly told him it was an out-swing. 

Does this really mean I have to wait another month for a door?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Great Wall of Darby is done

I took votes on Facebook, at work and on my blog.  The votes were close but display 2 barely beat out display 3. People were generous to offer their advice and what they liked best about each. 

In the end I took that advice and put together my favorite features of each to come up with the final product.  I think it came out great. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time to vote

I am putting up my wall display, art gallery, what have you... tomorrow. Taking advice from a fellow blogger I am laying out several designs and taking pictures to get a final layout. 

I layed down paper to place them on so I can mark the paper for placement of the nails. Then attach the paper to the wall and put the nails where I need them. 

But first I have to decide. There are a few I like. So I'd like to ask you all which you like better. 1, 2 or 3?  I will square them up and outline the layout when I decide. 




Monday, August 3, 2015

You said WHAT??!!

We went to a fun night out with my boyfriends coworkers on Saturday. They congratulated us on the new house and asked a lot of questions  

One of which was, "When is the house warming party?  We need a party". Then out of my boyfriends mouth comes, "We're thinking two weeks."  We're thinking WHAT?!!

Now that we are both back to work progress has slowed way down. But it looks like I'll have to pick up the pace if he wants a party in two weeks. 

The outlet covers are in the process of getting changed out. I chose the covers but my boyfriend wanted to change the outlets to match a little better. 

I put up our "No Soliciting" sign. 

The glass door for the basement came in. My boyfriend had to notch out for the hinges and door handle. We were told it would come with them already so that was an irritation. My job today is to clean up the messy paint job they did. My pantry door has been delayed, yet again. The quality of that door had better be good or we won't be shopping at Home Depot anymore. 

So I thought I could use the curtains for our old house in some of our rooms. Well... I didn't think about ceiling heights. They are 9ft here and the curtains don't fit. I designed this room around those curtains. Ugh, something else to shop for.

We have decided to sod the wooded area of our backyard. It's almost cleared out now of rocks and we will use a stump remover. It will give the kids a lot more room to play. 

The wood we cut down has been piled up for future use in what will be a great outdoor firepit. Then the deck will be installed soon and we will have a complete backyard. 

The kids have finished up with their playroom. This is probably the cleanest it's ever going to be. 

Now I have to do something with this wall. 

My next day off is earmarked to paint the bedroom and master bath. Then painting is done. Hallelujah!  

Ok, two weeks. We shall see. My boyfriend has been working on his garage and it's starting to look good. This may just be a garage warming party if things don't go well.