Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

They painted, sigh

I'll just say this, it needs work. They aren't done, but some of what they have done is not up to the level we expect. 

My front door. It's a very pretty door but the filler used to cover the screw holes needs sanded down and they need to repaint those areas. It still need to be painted black on the other side. 

They never fixed the hole from the stray wiring. It still needs paint. 

They splattered paint on my kitchen cabinets!! Ugh

Splotchy work 

They got some on the ceilings as well

They didn't do a very thorough job spray painting some of the doors. The faded off white shows through on the panels. It makes it look dirty. 

The drywallers missed this row of screws in the master closet, so why not just paint over it?  Who will notice?

The installation of the granite caused some cracking that needs repaired 

They over cut some of the electrical boxes. They need repaired and repainted. 

They still need to sand and paint this area 

They need to drywall and paint the replacement window frame 

Someone put a nail in our wall?? Uhmmm why?

There are all kinds of new nicks and dings

They put drywall mud all over the light switch in the garage 

Guardian missed a box in the kids office. 

They wired for the range hood but haven't installed the box into the wall 

And I'm beginning to worry about my built-in. It's painted over but it's just crap wood. The model home has nice thick wood and trim. We definitely need to ask JP about it. Why paint it if it's not finished?

We have locks on top of our double doors but nothing to lock it to in the framework. 

I'm a bit disappointed with my visit today. We are at the two week mark and I feel like we're running out of time. There just isn't enough time to keep redoing sloppy work. 

I feel like JP is going to walk into the house and notice all the issues and probably more.  How could he not? Let's just hope they get it all fixed soon. 

It wasn't all bad. They did install the dimmers. 

And they fixed our lighting in the master bath. 

There is still a lot to do and time is running out. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

15 days

That's right. We close in just 15 short days.  There are so many projects underway it's hard to keep up with it all, and what there is left to do. 

My boyfriend finished his bathroom speaker project. I must say it looks professional. I'm impressed. 

The plumber came in and installed the kitchen faucet and garbage disposal. 

We went to Home Depot and ordered a pantry door. They had a version I hadn't seen before. It's called the pantry recipe door. It's a bit more modern than the bread basket and grapes we've seen elsewhere. We ordered it primed and I'll paint it tricorn black. We also ordered a 10-pane glass door for the basement. 

Speaking of doors. My front door was painted on one side today.  The other side will be painted tricorn black. I'm thinking of painting the interior part black as well. I'll wait and see what it looks like installed first.  

All of the interior doors were painted 

So was the fireplace 

As well as the built-in, which I do believe is missing it's trim work. I hope they add it without me having to remind them. 

All of the trim work throughout the house was sprayed. 

They finally drywalled the garage and even textured the ceiling.

I'm not sure if you can see the texture but the walls of the entire garage are covered in drywall mud.  That's how they finish it when you've insulated your entire garage. 

Now yesterday afternoon, after the plumber left, we went to the basement to find wet cement floors. It looked as though a huge amount of water had spread everywhere. The sump pump was plugged in and was just constantly running even after all water was gone. 

We scanned the walls and ceiling and couldn't see a sign of where it could have leaked from. Then today I went to the house to find someone working on the water heater. It seems whomever installed it didn't put the plugs in the sides. So when the plumber turned the water on to the house, it came spurting out the sides. 

The guys working on the heater explained to me why the sump pump keeps running. There is a build-up of mud keeping the float from hitting the bottom so it thinks it has water in it. We emailed JP and he responded right away. He will have it cleaned out. 

And we are trying to get our light fixtures situated. They put an inverted pendant in the entryway.  Which is what the model home has. 

But they put a tiny dome light in the stairwell. I sent Susan a text asking her what was supposed to go there. She confirmed another inverted pendant light should be in the stairwell.  So an email was sent. Today I walked in to find the correct light fixture in the stairwell. 

BUT all they did was take it out of the entryway and put it in the stairwell. So I sent Susan another text and she confirmed they belong in both places. She called JP personally to take care of it. 

I also found an ugly white porcelain soap dish installed in our gorgeous shower. I was in such shock at seeing it I forgot to get a picture. We emailed JP to ask that it be removed. His reply, "I told them not to install it. I'll have them remove it." 

Even with all the little issues that seem to arise near the end of this journey, both Susan and JP are very quick to get things taken care of. It's nice to know they have our backs. 

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sooo ready to move

We lease a very nice, decently sized home. It has suited our needs up to a point. But as of last night, I am ready to get out. 

My boyfriend woke up around midnight to use the bathroom and commented that the water wasn't working. I think we both thought it was a city issue and we'd deal with it in the morning. We did just call to switch our service and maybe they got the dates wrong?

I was trying to go back to sleep and heard a faint sound. It's a good thing this house had poor insulation and you can hear everything. It sounded like someone was running the bath water in the basement. I got up and when I reached the main floor I heard the gushing of the water. I ran to the basement to find a couple of inches of water running over the carpet in the hallway. 

I woke my boyfriend and we went down to investigate. The water softener was running over. The water was just pouring out of the brine tank. John hit the bypass valve and it stopped. There was a drain in the floor but all of the water was just too much. Pretty much the entire hallway was soaked. 

The saddest part of all, we had no idea where the main water shut off was. 

My boyfriend got most of the standing water with a shop vac, but it's no match for the water that soaked into the carpet and padding. This morning he went and rented a carpet cleaner and has spent a few hours just going over and over the hallway and the water keeps coming up. 

Our landlord came by and checked out the damage. He was impressed with how we dealt with it and is taking money off our lease to compensate for our time.  He is sending someone out on Monday to fix whatever the problem is. It's a good time for us to find out how much it's going to cost to install our own at the new house. 

Now an update at the Darby. I went by at 10am and it was deserted. The paint still sits in the mudroom. 

I was delighted to find the electricity was on. I went through the house flipping switches to see what each one controlled. 

The only issue is in our master bathroom. One of the vanity lights is constantly on. It doesn't belong to a switch. I sure hope they don't have to tear into the walls to fix it. 

I was pleasantly surprised to find I had not one, but two outlets in my peninsula. That's what those two stray wires were for. 

But it left us with a hole in our wall and in our flooring. 

The electrician is coming back Monday to finish up. He needs to label his panel so we know what controls everything.

I didn't really look at the sink last night. It's really big. 

And the coloring of this caledonia is gorgeous. 

The columns on the front still need to be painted. 

And my front door has finally arrived. It will be painted black.