Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Friday, July 24, 2015

Almost there

I painted the entryway and the back wall of our bedroom. (Just so we could push the headboard back against the wall). Then I just needed to take a break from painting. 

This house needed a thorough cleaning. 
I waited for all deliveries and servicemen to come through to clean the floors. We bought stainless steel cleaner, granite cleaner and a kit to clean the cooktop. Now the kitchen sparkles. I can also now say I used our dishwasher for the first time. 

Everything in the kitchen has found a home. There is so much more space here. I can put it all away and it still looks organized. In the old house it was all crammed in and looked cluttered. 

I started putting up some decor.  (My pantry door is delayed until Thursday)

The entryway is waiting on a bench that's being shipped. Then we need to pick out a rug. 

I rearranged the kids desks and hung one of my favorite pieces. 

The kids rooms are almost complete. They will be home Sunday to see them for the first time.

Zoe's mattress came in today. We will pick it up tomorrow. 

They get the honor of putting away their own stuff. 

AJs bed was missing a piece that won't be delivered until the end of August. Until then he gets a mattress on the floor. 

His fathead will be put up tomorrow. 

Our plantation shutters were installed WAY earlier than expected. Score!

The boyfriend hung the kids tv in the loft. 

He also installed the new shower head 

And a shelving unit for the shower 

I go back to work Monday night and I feel like we will be pretty close to a complete house by then. I need a vacation from my vacation. 


  1. You are such a go getter! I love it. And those plantation shutters are just perfect! Love what you are doing with the space. It already looks so homey.

  2. Wow, it looks absolutely fab! I love, love, LOVE your pantry, so sad that we won't have one so that we could do something creative and funky to it. Love your decorating style!

  3. Those rooms are just great! Love that you added such fun colors for the kiddos and put up that HUGE fathead by yourself!