Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tomorrow is the big day!

After ump-teen million trips to Lowes, we are ready to close.  We have one final walk-through at 1pm tomorrow.  Then we go to closing at 4pm. 

There are a lot of projects on the to-do list this coming week. 

1.  Stencil the pantry then put up shelving.
2.  Paint entryway, mudroom, kids office, kitchen, main office, powder room, master bedroom and bath
3. Stencil back wall of laundry room, put up cabinets and shelving
4. Put in closet system in master closet
5. Put in closet systems in the kids closets
6. Put in rev-a-shelf cabinet organizers in the kitchen
7. Put up storage system in the garage
8. Start hauling over boxes and small items

We were at the house measuring for cabinets, and other odds and ends.  It was SO tempting to just get started.  I brought over a new mirror to make sure it would fit in my niche and I just wanted to hang it up and leave it.  Instead I hauled it back to our garage so we can move it later.  

I am working all nights this week while trying to complete these projects.  My boyfriend took two weeks leave to get it all done.

Our big move is next weekend and then we'll settle in.  I'm on vacation then and we can unpack and make it our own.

I'm already tired... how 'bout you?


  1. This is a dream come true for you and your family. Now the time has come for you and your family to make your house a home. ^_^

  2. Congrats on everything! You all have some great projects on the to-do list already! I will standing by to read how everything goes...and of course pictures! LOL

    Happy Settlement Day!!!