Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Now it's getting fun

Taking apart the old house is exhausting. Putting together the new house is getting really fun. 

The appliances were delivered. 

The closet system is done. 

The backyard is looking so much better. 

My etsy finds have found a home. 

The laundry room, now it needs a clothes line and pins. 

The kids hallway upstairs

The ugly mailbox got a makeover

I picked up some shelving liner to match my kitchen (yeah I'm that obsessed)

I bought organizers for my drawers

Now we just need to install the pull-outs

Sadly I have an early meeting and have to stop here. It's sounds funny, but I can't wait for vacation next week so I can work more than 5hrs a day on the house. 


  1. Everything looks amazing! Your kitchen came out great and I love all of your etsy finds!

  2. I agree with Mary!!! Awesomeness all around. Should I mark some extra time on my calendar for all your "vacation projects"? I love when I get to see all the DIYs from everyone. So cool! :-)

  3. That closet system! To die for! I'm going back through all your old posts i've missed and I hope you mention the closet system because I'm totally going to be checking that out! Just amazing. And your kitchen is PERFECT. So excited for you!

    1. It's from Menards. I think we spent about $800 for the entire system.