Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3rd day post move

Today was the last of the deliveries, our new furniture.  Now it's starting to feel a bit more like home. 

We're trying to blend the old with the new. Coming from a tan & brown design to a gray & taupe design. I think the mix of it all will end up quite nice. 

I find myself watching the view more than the TV. 

My mud room is currently "paint central"

I'm starting to place artwork and pictures against the wall where they go. Eventually we will get around to hanging it all

The headboard has been but together. Much better than a mattress on the floor. 

They delivered the kids beds. I painted ALL day yesterday to get ready for them. 

Unfortunately AJs colors are so deep I will need another coat. Another trip to Sherwin Williams is in my future. Good thing I got a buy-one get-one free coupon with our closing materials. 

My current project is the kids office. I'm putting together their desks and painting an old cubbie cabinet black. I was going to paint this room a dark gray but with the darks desks, cabinets and black &gray curtains it would just be too darks. 

Oh curtains... We still need to get rods before we can put them up. Slowly but surely it will come together. 

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  1. I love your new couches. You all are working so hard. What you all have done in less than a week takes some people years to complete. 😊