Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Section 2

It's a beautiful sunny day with mild temperatures. You would never believe it's February. It looks like the groundhog might have been right yesterday. 

It's perfect weather here on The Bluffs and that is nothing but good news for our future residents. 

Each day brings the hustle and bustle of trucks, vans and other equipment that line our streets. Come summertime most of our section will be complete. 

Only 9 more lots are left in Section 1, and that number maybe dwindling while I type.  This has caused the powers that be to give the thumbs up to Section 2. 

At the end of our Bluffview drive sits a gravel turnaround with the forest beyond. All of which is now in the process of being cleared out for the next section. 

It will eventually wrap around and meet Brehm boulevard, leading to future sections in the cornfield beyond. 

For now we are enjoying the building process. We like to walk the lots and guess at the model being built.

Next door on lot 9042, a Camden is in its finishing stages. If I had to guess I would say they are roughly 30 days away from closing.  The flooring is in and cabinets are going up. 

Just next door to them on lot 9041, an Austin II is getting their roofing today. 

On the other side of us, on lot 9044, a Hammond is in progress. The framing is being completed and their garage flooring was poured this morning. 

At the entryway to our drive sits lot 9055. A Dartmouth is being built with a side entry 3 car garage. The framing and roofing are complete. They are installing windows and the electrical phase is beginning. 

Down on Brehm boulevard, on lot 9058, another Camden is in the process. It's a popular model here on The Bluffs. 

There are many more homes down the pipeline. I'm looking forward to meeting all of our new neighbors.