Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Take your shoes off!

Today was carpet day

English Breakfast (level 1 upgrade)

Tanzania (standard) for the basement 

6lb carpet pad upgrade

Tanzania in the basement. Not my favorite but it was the best choice out of the standard selection

English breakfast in the great room

Master bedroom


They were also fixing the hole in the flooring caused by a stray wire 

The door hardware went on. Upgraded satin nickel levers

The beautiful front door was installed with a keypad deadbolt. We were able to set the code so we always have a way in now. 

They need to paint my front door black and the columns will be white 

They installed my missing moulding. 

The built-in has been trimmed out 

They are also fixing the botched trim in the kitchen 

They put trim under the bar

They patched the cracked edges 

The shower door arrived

So did the mirrors and shelving 

I went to Lowes and purchased new outlet covers for the kitchen.  I can't stand the stark white in the middle of the pretty granite.  Here they are next to our granite, and the backsplash at the Hammond model. It's the same backsplash they are installing on Monday. 

There was a crew prepping the sidewalk and 10x10 concrete pad behind the garage. 

They also started prep for the 4x6 deck out back. My boyfriend asked the deck guys for an estimate for a 12x20 deck. We will see what they come up with. 

Meanwhile at the Bluffs,

Lot 9039 waiting for footers. 

Lot 9050 excavating for a new spec house. 


  1. Fantastic, lots of goodies coming in.

  2. Great progress! I really love the glass in your front door. I'm planning to pick up similar outlet cover for the kitchen too.