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Home Sweet Home
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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Bluffs on Trebein

We finally have a sign. Yay!

Now maybe it won't be so hard to give directions to the delivery guys. That has been one of the difficult parts. Online orders tell me my address doesn't exist. We have to get creative when giving directions. "Turn at the old farmhouse". It's quite ridiculous. I'm trying to figure out how to get us on Google maps. 

Luckily we went and confirmed our delivery dates. Lowes had the appliances still going to the house on the 8th. I'm not sure JP would appreciate a delivery before we close. It has been changed, again, to the 17th. Which means my kitchen has to be painted and dry by then.   

The furniture is on the 20th.   The cable will also be hooked up that day.  Which means our first weekend will be pretty boring. Luckily we will have lots of boxes to keep us busy. 

Lowes is coming out tomorrow to measure for plantation shutters in the master bedroom. 

Guardian will be by on the 15th to set up our alarm system and intercoms. 

We spent our weekend picking up last minute items. We are replacing our white doorbell with one in satin nickel. We picked up spray paint in satin nickel to spray the 22"x22" air return grille. It's a project I hope turns out well. An actual satin nickel grille runs about $250 versus a $6 can of spray paint. 

We purchased blocks for a retaining wall along the front and sides of the house for landscaping. We also added a concrete block fireplace kit for the backyard, and 30 bags of black mulch.  All of this will be delivered the 17th.  I have a feeling my boyfriend is going to be glad to go back to work after his 2 week leave. 

We meet the landscapers tomorrow to plant our trees and shrubbery near the sidewalk. Everything next to the house will be done by my boyfriend. Then sod will be layed on Wednesday. The sod company called asking if we wanted to add sod at the back of the house instead of seed. We only get sod up to 5ft behind the house. The rest is seed. I'm not sure how much they'll charge or if my boyfriend is even interested.  This must be something they try to upsell with all new owners. 

We have 4 days until our walk through.  There have been so many people through our house the past few days. But they are really down to the final touches. 

The kitchen backsplash was installed. 
As you can see they still need to fix the stack on the hood to go to the ceiling. 

They poured the sidewalk and the concrete pad behind the garage. 

My boyfriend had them dump a bit more dirt in the back to flatten it out further at the top. The kids will have a blast sledding come winter time. 

The cleaning lady made her appearance today. She was able to get the paint off my kitchen cabinets so now she is officially my favorite person and I vote she gets a raise. The basement is clean top to bottom. So is our master bath. 

The shelving is in 

The levers are on the kids closets. 

Just a few things are left to fix or finish.

They have to finish cleaning. 
AJs bedroom door needs hung. 
There are a few paint touch ups to do. 
I still need my pendant light in the entryway. 
They need to fix the stack on my range hood to go to the ceiling. 
They need to paint the porch columns and trim on the door. 
They need to replace the window panel on the garage door that's cracked. 
They need to install the garage door openers. 
They need to install the grilles for the floor vents. 
The doors to the master bath won't close so that needs to be fixed. 
The vent in the master water closet rattles. 
They need to install the cabinet hardware in the bathrooms. 

They are pushing hard to get it all done. I have to say they have really pulled it together. As you all know, I had some serious doubts it could be done. 

8 more days and I'm already tired. Are we there yet???

Oh, and I have been ordered to post this picture. 

This is my boyfriends measuring tape. This is NOT my measuring tape. I'm not allowed to touch it. Lol Apparently I have hoarded all of the measuring tapes and he was unable to find any. (They were found in the kitchen and are now back in the garage). So if you see me with this measuring tape in my hands feel free to tattle on me. 


  1. Congrats and you are so close to the finish line.

  2. You are so close! Your kitchen looks amazing! Our address made it to google maps before we moved in and we still had some of our delivery people get lost haha. They all eventually found the house after we gave them very specific directions on the phone. Hopefully you'll have better luck now that you have that pretty community sign!

  3. Eeeekkk I love the backsplash!!! Everything is looking great! The painting of the air returns is going to be fab! I have this on my to-do list for every freakin' one on a wall since the walls are all custom colors. I can't wait to see how yours turn out. Great minds think alike!!!

    The cleaning crews are the best! We have used them again and again and we love them. Be sure to get her contact info just in case you need some helping hands in the future :-)