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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Doors and Tile

There are a crew of 2 trim guys and 2 tile guys working at the house today. 

The trim crew is putting up all the doors and baseboards so far. They also talked to me about my built-in so I hope that is going up today as well. 

The tiling crew didn't come until after lunch so they were just getting started in the kids bath on the second floor. They have a heavy cement boarding going into place and all the tiles are stacked up in the garage. 

They still need to do another coat of paint and paint the trim and doors. I hope they cover all the cabinetry well before attempting it. I don't want anything ruining these beautiful cabinets.

I measured the refrigerator opening to check for height. I wanted to make sure our Whirlpool was going to fit. The space measures just over 72 inches, but that's without flooring. I'm wondering how much of that we will lose. Our fridge measures just over 70 inches. I can't imagine 2 inches of flooring so we should be safe. 

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