Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Thursday, June 18, 2015

26 days!!!!!

We heard from Wendy. She's in charge of scheduling the final walk through and the closing. 

Final walk through will be July 10th at 11am. Closing will be July 14th at 10am. Holy cow!!  We have 26 days to prepare. Let me rephrase that... THEY have 26 days to finish!!

They have made great strides towards the finish this week. Even with the monsoon rains this week they have accomplished a lot. 

The flooring is well under way. The tile guys came in and layed most of the tile. They still need to grout it. The upgrades on tile were a little spendy so we were very limited in choices. We upgraded one level to the Brixton Bone. It was the only one out of the four choices at that level that wasn't super tan. The bone is creamy with tan and gray flecks. 


Powder room

Master bath

Kids bath

They put the cement board up to tile the shower as well. 

Our laminate flooring came in as well. A crew of two are installing it in the entryway, kitchen and nook.  We selected the vintage narrow Smokey Mountain. It will contrast nicely against the white cabinetry. 

They installed the insulation in the unfinished portion of the basement. 

All of the doors have been hung and most of the trim. They still need to put up the crown moulding. 

The siding on the left side of the house is complete. The back is almost finished. Just the delicate work around the great room windows is left. 

They are working on the right side now. Hopefully they start the front siding and shakes today as well. 

The granite guy was out creating a template for our countertops and bar. They will be installing next week. The driveway was supposed to be poured already but the weather hasn't cooperated.  Next week looks fairly clear. They dig out lot 9039 next week and will use their dirt to grade our backyard. 

Joe, our lender, called and locked in our rate. He will send out paperwork next week to prepare us for the close. 

My boyfriend is sending a design for the yard to the landscapers today and we should be meeting with them soon to discuss it. Then he has another company coming out to give us an estimate on a 20 X 10 stone patio with a 5ft semi-circle for the backyard. Calls are being made to the cable company and other utilities are getting lined up. SO much to do and think about.  26 days y'all!!

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