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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Working on a Sunday?

These tile guys must be on a strict deadline. It is really rare to see someone working on a Sunday. 

They were finishing up the master shower tiling and then grouting everything. I think it's a father/son team that does the work. 

I wanted to get pictures of areas of concern so I can remember to keep an eye on them during the touch-up process. 

There is dried drywall mud on EVERYTHING. This is my front door. It's on windows and bathtubs. I do not envy those that have to do the cleanup. 

There are scuff marks and dings on walls and trim. 

This pipe in the basement needs to be sealed. I think it's the access to the main line. I just don't want anything crawling up and into my wall. 

There is missing trim here and there. I think it couldn't go up until everything was grouted. All of the vents are collecting all kinds of dust and debris.

This wall hadn't been framed yet when guardian did their thing. So they still need to put some sort of box here.

This is the damage created when they put in the railing. 

I am not a fan of how this was trimmed out. Something needs to change here. I'll have to ask JP what the options are. 

They haven't completed the siding on the back. With all the rain we've been having I just done want any water damage in the house.

It turns out the top window is the wrong size. The first window they sent was broken so they didn't install it. The second one they sent was the wrong size but since they needed to get drywall done they installed it anyway. Now we wait for a new window. I'm thinking they are waiting for that before they finish this area?

We received our official letter about closing dates. I made sure I had the time off work for the walk through and closing appointments. We also received our service contact list as well as utilities contacts. We have 5 days after closing to have them in our name. 

It's getting very real. Cleaning, organizing and packing are becoming a way of life. 23 days!

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  1. I'm following your progress. I'm so happy for you all.