Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

We finally have a driveway

I was at the house by 8:30am and the concrete truck was already pulling out. There is a crew of 6 men smoothing it out. 

When I came back at 10:30 with coffee and donuts they were just finishing up. 

They scrape the texture and smooth the sides all by hand. I was impressed. 

The trim guys did a great job with the built in. It just needs trim and to be painted. Then they install tracks to put up the shelving. 

The faucets have been delivered and plumbing "stuff". The plumber was there installing toilets. He discussed the powder room with me. The back of the powder room is an exterior wall so they didn't want to run a water line on it. Therefore our water line is on the side wall next to the toilet. In order to fit everything the toilet is slightly off center. He asked if I was ok with that. Well... I'm not even sure I have the option of not being ok with it. I could barely notice it was off center. He also referred to our "comfort height" toilets as handicap toilets. Lol. We're a tall family... Not quite a handicap. 

The kitchen stuff is stowed away until the countertops go in. 

My slightly off center toilet

We weren't impressed with the choices for faucet upgrades so we will do that ourselves.

They have a couple of guys patching the drywall.  Though after the electrician and Guardian get done they will need to come back. 

The wiring for the sconce in the stairway was drywalled over, so now there is a massive hole. 

They also drywalled over the wiring for a sensor by the front door. 

The electricians are finishing with the light fixtures. 

Guardian is installing our intercoms, security, doorbell, thermostat and who knows what else. 

I caught them installing our new window. I yelled out the back, "Does it fit?" And the reply was a thumbs up. 

It's a crowded house today. They have so much going on. I could visit every hour and there would be something new to see every time. They are full steam ahead for the July 14th finish.  20 days!!

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  1. I love those windows!! And the tile in the shower is beautiful!