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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Moving at a snails pace

They put the drywall up so fast I was sure it would be done quickly. Last week they had finished what I believed to be the second coat of mud.

Monday rolled around and no one showed up at the house. An entire day wasted. 

Tuesday, my boyfriend went by at 4 and no one had been there. Nothing was done again. Then I stopped by at 5 and just as I was leaving a crew showed up. What exactly were they going to accomplish in just a couple of hours left to the day?  

Nothing is more irritating to me at this point than completely wasted days. SERIOUSLY!! We are on a TIMELINE people!!!

Today I went by at about 9:30am. A crew of 2 guys was just getting started with the last coat of mud.

I finally spoke up and asked about their timeline. The garage has yet to be touched with mud. So I'm starting to get concerned. 

I was told they still have to finish up this last coat. Then they have to texture the ceilings throughout. Then they will do a texture on the garage walls. When asked what the ETA was, he thought it should all be done by the end of Saturday  they will work Sunday if needed. 

So guess what?  It all comes back to the Inverness timeline. Do you remember how long it stated for drywall?  1-14 days. And of course our house will use up all of those 14 days. 

I've read other blogs that state 5 weeks from finished drywall to closing. Our SR Susan stated 40 days from completed drywall. Their printed timeline states anywhere from 48 days to 65 days. 

We have yet to hear back from Jeff about our closing date. He had promised it to us by Tuesday but it's Wednesday now and no word. 

If it's really 40 days after drywall that puts our closing at July 24th. 

I am following a RH blog that is almost on point with where we are. Their pre-drywall was two days after ours and their close is scheduled for July 13th. 

It is going to be interesting to see how fast they can schedule all the tradesmen in. 

Still to do:

Priming and Painting
Trim work 
Flooring (laminate, tiling, carpeting)
Shower/Bath tiling
Install toilets, sinks, shower heads & faucets
Fireplace surround and mantle 
Cabinetry and hardware
Countertops and bar top
Install dishwasher
Install canopy range hood
Install lights indoors and outdoors
Install back deck
Install siding, trim and shutters
Install electrical faceplate
Install guardian intercoms, motion sensors, smoke/CO detectors, cable outlets. 
Final grading of the entire yard
Driveway, walkway, sidewalk

And honestly there is probably more that I can't even think of. All of this in just over 5 weeks????  Our lease is up on August 6th. Taking deep breaths and trying to be positive. 

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