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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, June 4, 2015


We finally heard back from our landscapers. YAY!!

First of all I love that they have a template ready to go.  So if we had never contacted them this is what we would get.  Now I am taking my day off and researching what all of these plants and trees are and we will select what we like best.

My boyfriend is the yard guy.  I mostly stay out of it, other than to say "Oh that one's pretty!"  So he can figure out where he wants it all located.

 ***********  Thank you for contacting us about your landscaping!
 We have a website and a facebook page if you are interested:

We will be happy to meet with you if you like.  
Here are the plant choices included in your Inverness Package 'F' along with the additional tree choice:

1 Shade Tree
Legacy Maple (2"cal.) Cleveland Select Pear (2"cal.) choose one

Upgrades include Green Mtn. Sugar Maple (2 1/2" cal.)  +$100,  Cleveland Select Pear (2 1/2" cal.) +$50,  Autumn Blaze Maple (2" cal.) for +$125,  Autumn Blaze Maple (2 1/2" cal.)  +$200

1 Ornamental Tree 
Jane Magnolia (6 ft)  Flowering Showtyme Crab (1 1/2" cal.) or Dura Heat Birch (6-7ft) - choose one

Upgrades include Colorado Blue Spruce 4-5 ft. +$50,  6-7 ft +$115, 7-8 ft. + $185 These are VERY beautiful

3 Evergreen Shrubs
Gold Mop Cypress, Blue Pacific Juniper, Seagreen Juniper, Grey Owl Juniper, Taxus Yew, Choose any combination of three

Upgrades include Green Velvet Boxwood +$50 each or Bird's Nest Spruce +$20 each.

3 Deciduous Shrubs
Chicago Viburnum, Goldmound Spirea, Miss Kim Lilac, Ninebark, Karen Azalea, Roseglow Barberry- Choose any combination of three.

You may add any combination of trees/shrubs from the above to your landscape and we will give you a quote accordingly.  

.......some thoughts about your new landscape -- your style?....Traditional - Country - Modern..... your budget? ....to complete your landscape now, or install in stages.....the position of you new home? .....shade, sun, direction facing.......family activities.....will you have a deck, pool, hardscape, water feature? 

I have also attached a basic template of where Inverness would have us install your landscape.  

Mulch is included around each shrub/tree only.  If you would like additional mulch in courtyard areas or around deck, patio, etc. we will be happy to give you a quote upon measurement.  

Let us know what you think, and we will be in touch soon to schedule an appointment with you!  Thank you!

Terri Norvell
Landscape Designer  **************

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