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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, June 7, 2015


I've been following the progress of our drywall phase.

Tuesday a group of at least 10 guys came in. They hung the majority of the drywall, with the exception of the garage and some small trim. 

Wednesday a group of 3 came in to finish the garage and all the little trim work.  They also delivered all the supplies needed to tape, mud and sand it. 

Thursday they got a late start. A 4 man crew came in and started taping the seams, putting metal trim on the corners and laying down a light layer of mud on all the seams. 

Friday they started a thicker second layer of mud. They cover all the seams, the metal trimming and nailheads. 

Saturday another crew of 3-4 guys was putting on more mud. Everything is splotchy and thick but they sand after each layer so that should all work out.

They are just focusing on the house right now. The garage has yet to be taped or mudded. I know they are doing a textured spackeling on the garage walls so that may be why. 

I've read that drywallers put on anywhere from 2 to 5 layers, though it seems most agree on 3 layers.

I would guess our second layer is complete and we have one more day of mud and another day to sand??  But this last thick layer may have been the third. I'm going to guess they will be done by Wednesday if they get the garage going. 

They still have a bit of product in the garage still to use. 

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