Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Let there be light

As I pulled up to the house a HUGE green truck was starting to pull away. We have more goodies in the house. 

The lighting was no longer in the garage. 





Powder room

Some were waiting to be installed

Even the carriage lights were in

The ceiling vents were in

And the smoke detectors

The toilets came in three separate boxes

They were finishing the trim work. 

And working on my built-in

It looks like they prepped to pour the driveway, walkway and porch tomorrow. It's on my day off and I kinda want to just hang out and watch how it's done.

And finally, the right size window arrived. Crossing my fingers it fits tomorrow. Then they can finish the siding. 

The crew hanging lights will be back tomorrow to finish. At some point they come back to patch the drywall and repaint.  The walls are looking a little rough.  I imagine the last thing they do is the carpeting. 

Almost there. Almost there. 

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