Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Monday, June 15, 2015

First coat of paint

I caught the painters just as they were leaving today. They were kind enough to wait for me to walk through before locking up. 

I am extremely happy with the color. It's not a super bright white. It's dull and almost grayish, at least compared to the bright white ceiling. 

I asked if it was just primer but he said it was the first coat of paint. They missed a couple of spots on the loft columns and some of the top edge in the great room.  The rest looked really good. A second coat and hopefully they are done. 

At the very top of the two story great room. Here you can see the color difference in the bright ceiling and the white on the wall. They are going to need a TALL ladder to do this edge work. 

It rained off and on all day but it looks like the siding guys got a little done.  They told my boyfriend they would be done Wednesday. This color was another, "Oh I hope I got that color combo right". But I'm really happy with it. I would have gone a tad darker but the darker gray was a cool bluish gray. Not the look I was going for. This platinum gray will do nicely. 


  1. Everything looks great! I love the two story great room!

    1. Thanks Mary! It's one of my favorite features as well. I just hope we never have to change the light bulb that's WAY up there, lol.