Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The whirlwind is beginning

The schedule at the house is hectic.  The schedule at home is even more so. 

The plumber is at the house. The water was turned on and he's going through each section checking for leaks. 

The electrician is finishing up with the outlets today. 

JP is on site scanning the walls with a flashlight and personally smoothing out any drywall flaws the crew missed. He rocks!

The drywall crew will be in today to fix the two big holes that they cut out yesterday. 

A cleanup crew is set to come in and get the major messes. The final cleanup will happen closer to closing. 

The painters are scheduled to come in tomorrow and finish up. 

We still have a hole in our laminate from the stray wire they floored over.  I'm not sure when they come in

The garage still needs mudded and textured. 

We are waiting for dry weather so they can come finish the siding. Then gutters will be installed next week. 

I'm not sure when the countertops will be installed either. Once those are in the plumber can finish up in the kitchen. 

Maura, from the design center, also takes care of blinds. We added in blinds on most of our windows into the contract. She called today to verify locations and will be out to install them after the painting is done. 

After painting they need to install shelving, install the canopy range hood, install carpeting and put in my front door. JP said the door will be the very last item. 

Behind the scenes we are trying to prepare for the move. 

The u-haul is reserved. 

The appliance and furniture deliveries are scheduled. 

We are doing the final paperwork with our lender. Getting him all the letters and copies he needs. 

We called and set up our home owners insurance. 

We will need to take our paint down and have it tinted at Sherwin Williams.

The cable company was called. They had a surveyor call us back to map out the location. I don't think we've heard back from them yet.

We still need to contact the gas and electric. We need to do a change of address on EVERYTHING. 

We're waiting on estimates for either a deck or patio for the back yard. 

We are waiting on the landscapers to get back to us to schedule a meeting to change our design and add some trees. They already sent us the estimate for the design my boyfriend emailed them. 

We are packing just a couple boxes a day. Getting down to the bare necessities. A lot of these little boxes we will drive over to the house in our own vehicles the first couple days. 

On the plus side, the backhoe is on site at our neighbors lot and as soon as the rain lets up they will start the excavation. That dirt belongs to our backyard. 

So much to do... So little time. 

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