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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Special Delivery

I was in the awake but not quite awake phase this morning.  Still snuggled in bed listening to the sounds of the birds and not wanting to get up and deal with the day yet.  Then my boyfriend phoned to tell me he saw a large delivery truck outside the house.  "It looked like one of those big furniture delivery trucks," he said. 

Well I immediately hopped out of bed, threw on some clothes, put a hat over my disheveled head of hair and hopped into the jeep.  I was not disappointed.

There in the middle of the garage stood what will become my kitchen and the bathrooms.

Landen White cabinetry for my kitchen

(The samples from selection day)

My cabinetry hardware

(sample pic)

Landen Sarsaparilla cabinets for the bathrooms

(sample master bath)

(sample hall bath, basement bath and powder room.  They didn't have samples of the Landen in Sarsaparilla so I used another cabinet type in that color)

The boxes came with a layout of my kitchen cabinetry.  Who, in their right mind, can resist opening this up and taking a look?  I clearly couldn't.

On the right side of the garage were more big boxes.

This was not my fault!  They weren't labeled and I was FORCED to open them to be sure the delivery was accurate.  ;)   Our bathroom sinks.  White for the powder, hall and basement baths.

This is the side piece for the master counter top.  I speckled gray that I love.

There was a huge box on the back wall.  A 48 X 96" maple white panel.  I couldn't think of where this would go.  I was on the phone with the boyfriend and he reminded me of the built-in going in the mudroom.

I found the coordinating pieces in the long box on top of all the cabinets.

This will be the end result (the pic from the model home)

On the left side of the garage were more goodies.

All of our doors.  The double doors on the left are the solid-core doors we special ordered for the master to drown out any noise.  Two sets, one for the door leading in, and one for the double doors to the master bath.

The trim.  Our Legacy Series house comes with wider trim than the standard Brighton Series.  I'm a huge fan of trim work and will eventually be adding more to the house.

It looks like most of it comes pre-cut and ready to hang.

Our porch columns, three of them.  For some reason I thought we only had two going out there.  Now I'll have to look at the plan again.  Three is better than two.

It looks like the last layer of mud is up.  They definitely sanded down most of it, as many of the large gloppy parts are smooth now.

They just need finish sanding, do the ceiling texture and the garage.  Now how they are going to do the garage with it loaded with stuff is beyond me.  I guess they do the house first, wait for the stuff to be moved in and then do the garage?  We shall see.

As I was leaving a red sticker caught my eye.  Susan sold the lot directly across the street.  I was so happy to see this.  Now we won't have to stare at a vacant field of dirt and weeds for the next year. 

I asked Susan what was being built.  She introduced me to The Caldwells!  Well, Hello!  Welcome to The Bluffs.  They are building a Sinclair.  It's a large ranch style house.  We walked a model of it and it comes with a HUGE basement.  It's also a Legacy Series house. 

We also have good news on the closing front.  Jeff emailed and said he was waiting on the painters to get a firm closing date, but gave us July 14th or 15th as his guesstimate.  I'll take that!!  I guessed at closing and took my vacation starting the 20th, so that will work out well.  Time to call the furniture guys and Lowes to change the date of our deliveries for the 20th.  WE ARE 34 DAYS OUT PEOPLE!!

****UPDATE***** My boyfriend went by the house on his way home from work and it was locked up completely. Now we'll have to hunt down the key when we visit. I swear they might as well just give us a key as we each visit daily. 

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