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Home Sweet Home
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Friday, June 19, 2015

The good, the bad and the ugly... and pretty

The outside is almost done. They ran out of trim with two feet left to go on the porch. Then they need to pour the porch so they can add the columns. Come on Mother Nature. Behave for a day or two so we can get it done. 

The good and PRETTY

They finished the fireplace. The cover is hiding in the basement so it wouldn't get damaged. 

The laminate flooring is done and covered 

The vinyl is in the basement bath and laundry room

The sinks and cabinets are in the bathrooms

Basement bath

Powder room 

Master bath

Kids bath

Now for the bad and ugly

They wired for my peninsula in the wrong spot. We brought it up to JP, but the flooring went in before the electrician could get there. Sigh. 

Honesty even JP couldn't tell us what this wire is for. 

They added a board vertically in the unfinished basement to put the gas line through (I think it's the gas). Instead of just mounting it up with the rest. We plan to finish this portion eventually so they will have to remount it higher. 

My brand new master bath countertop has a long scratch. It looks like a cut from a box knife about 4 inches long. Hard to see in the photo but you can really feel it. 

The put crown moulding up in the kids office instead of putting it in the entryway. It's pretty and I'll eventually put trim in here. 

But I want it in here. I checked the garage and there is no more crown moulding to put up. Again, sigh. 

As they have been completing all the finish work they have dinged the place up a bit. We asked Jeff when they would finish painting. He said they do a drywall touch up to take care of all the issues that are bound to happen, then they finish the paint.

Then they have to replace one panel in the garage door. It's the only broken window we've had so that's not too shabby. 

We are getting there and overall I'm really happy with the results. JP is awesome and I'm sure he'll hop right on these issues. 25 days. 

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