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Home Sweet Home
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Friday, June 12, 2015

Say it ain't so

Sadly I was locked out of the house for the first time. I feel like a scolded child being told to stay out. I know we can get a key whenever we want, but as the model isn't open on Thursday and Friday that makes those two days a no-go. 

They put up a cute sign to keep people out. Just ignore the open light boxes and lack of electricity, but SURE... you're being watched.  We are very lucky to have neighbors close by who gladly keep an eye on the place for us. Cathy & John rock! 

Luckily for me they had done some work on the outside and more goodies came. 

A big mound of rock sits in front of the house. They have pushed the dirt around in the front preparing for the driveway and walkway to the house.  (Holy rocky yard Batman!!)

Along the side of the house and out back they are preparing to put up the siding. I'm sure they would have started today if the skies hadn't opened up the flood gates. I may have destroyed my shoes but I trekked back to check out my siding, the lovely Platinum Gray. 

Oops!  Looks like one of the boxes broke open on the end. That's a shame. ;)

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