Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Friday, May 15, 2015

There's a lot of stuff in my walls

More electric, more plumbing... new things to see every time I visit. 

The garage doors were down this time so I actually had to enter through my front door for the first time. Once they put the knobs and locks on we'll be locked out. Then I'll have to get the key from Susan when she's at her office. 

The outdoor light with instructions 

The cable hookups over the TV. They pop back up in the corner where we'll keep the electronics. 

Recessed lights in the corners of the master tray ceiling. 

I couldn't figure out what this box was in the ceiling of our closet. Then it hit me... It's the access to the attic. 

I couldn't figure out why they would put an outlet or switch up this high. Then I realized it was for the smoke / CO detector. 

Drains started for the master bath vanities

Laundry plumbing started. 

Basement bathroom

I still have no clue what these are for in the ceiling. Any ideas?

Still not sure what these are for next to the hvac. We added a water softener rough in. Though I have no idea what one would look like. 

Where all the house wiring meets in our basement. 

I love reading all the instructions for switches on the walls. 

Though I wonder what we need someone's phone number for...  Lol


  1. You should call that number. ;)

    1. I Googled it. It's for a Physician referral service.

    2. Haha that's funny. When I went by the house I jokingly scolded the workers for writing on my walls. They each said, "wasn't me".