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Home Sweet Home
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Monday, May 18, 2015

Plumbers everywhere

There were 5 plumbers at the house today. They are getting serious. The electricians, guardian and HVAC are done. 

We meet with JP on Thursday. My boyfriend basically scheduled his own pre-drywall meeting, before the pre-drywall meeting. I guess I need to start writing down my notes and questions. 

At the house today:

The kids bathtub 

The extra long soaker tub for the basement bath 

It looks like the plumbers are checking the pressure in their lines. This was in the laundry room upstairs. 

The installed the basement windows 

It's raining today. There was a puddle in my bedroom. 

It looks like there is some sort of vent or something this piping leads to up there. I'm wondering how they seal it off to prevent leaks.

We have packed most everything we can, for now. 

We also emptied the shed and stacked it into the garage. If I had to guess, I'd say we have about 7 weeks to go. 

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