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Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All Closed In

The windows and doors were installed today. It looks like they still have two windows left to put up. Then eventually the garage door. 

Tomorrow morning we have our meeting with the electrician. We have a few items for him. 
     - putting an outlet over the fireplace 
     - adding and outlet in the back for a hot tub 
     - adding an outlet to the master closet
     - putting a 220v in the basement 
     - placement of the garage lights
     - placement of additional outlets in the garage and basement
     - adding floodlights
     - adding an additional outlet in the loft
     - placement of kitchen switches

The placement of switches in the model homes kitchen makes no sense to me.  I would have to take a couple steps away from the sink to turn on the garbage disposal. I would have to go to one side of the kitchen to turn on the 5 main recessed lights. The other side of the doorway to turn on the light over the sink. Then the other side of the peninsula to turn on the lights over the peninsula. It's very annoying. If you have the chance to visit your model, pay attention to switch placement. 

We are very lucky to get to work directly with the electrician. We can pay out of pocket for any additional changes.

It's also time to schedule our appointment to go pick out our granite slab. I am really looking forward to this appointment. You can opt out of it and let them choose, but who wants to do that?

My "Dummy" door

The garage door leading to the back yard

The door from the garage into the mudroom

The mudroom window

The kids office 

The morning nook

The great room. They still have to install the top window. (That gap of light is on the other side as well. One of many items to bring up to JP)

The windows in the master suite. The office window down below, yet to be installed. 

The window in AJs room

Zoes room to the left, loft in the middle, and laundry room on the right

A shot of the woodwork in our master suite. It will become our sloped tray ceiling 

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