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Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Closet systems

 My boyfriend has been pricing and researching closet systems for a while now. He found the one he liked and this weekend we picked up the pieces. 

It took a few miles on the truck and three different Menard's to get everything we needed. 

3-glass door cabinets
2-shelf kits with pole
2-4 drawer bases
1-cabinet with cubbies

We spent about $800. Menard's is giving an 11% rebate right now on all purchases. So after we mail it in, we can expect about $80 in 6-8 weeks. lol

On the way home we stopped by the house. It looks like the heating guys are just about done. The main levels are done, they just have to finish the basement. 

The placement of the thermostat in the hall outside the mudroom. I approve. 

Dryer vent 

All the heating manuals. My boyfriend told me I had to keep my hands off lol

Our home went through 2 framing inspections. One with the county and the other Inverness Construction Manager. I am assuming we had issues with one of them because we have all kinds of new bolts into the foundation around the house. 

We also have our window sticker for communication the JP. 

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