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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Granite and Ductwork

We drove down through the awful Cincinnati traffic to Sims-Lohman. You can make appointments Monday through Friday 8-5. 

We were led into a huge warehouse of granite. Each piece marked with its price level. There was no rhyme or reason to the layout. Our Caledonia was found in several places.

We were told we could pick caledonia or select anything else we wanted. So we browsed every aisle looking for something that caught our eye. Nothing seemed to be right except for the caledonia. 

We found two slabs and slapped our tags on them.  They put the date 6-15 on it. I'm assuming that's the estimated date to cut it and ship it.   They will come to the house and make a template, cut it at the warehouse and deliver it to the site. 

We asked them about cutting it to fit the slide-in range we are putting in after closing. They seemed to know exactly how it needed to be cut. Susan is going to send them the specs. 

Our discussed schedule has been set back. The heating guys came today, though it was originally scheduled for last Monday. The electricians are coming Monday, though that was supposed to be Guardian. 


  1. So cool! We're the folks at Ryan okay with you selecting your own slab?

    1. Hi Owen, we are building with Inverness Homes. It's a smaller company local to the Ohio and Kentucky area. It's part of their process to pick it out. You can opt out and let them select it, but we wanted to pick it. If we wanted to change our granite we would have paid Sims-Lohman the difference in price.

    2. I heard when you work with a smaller builder, there is so much more flexibility and you can customize easily.