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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Framing inspection

JP went through the house with a fine tooth comb. He and his orange pencil. He marked everything wrong we noticed and so much more. I don't know what we were worried about. He's a pro. 

I have no idea what most of these markings mean, but there were quite a few "xbs" and "nailer" marks.  The "oop" isn't quite clear either. I took it to mean "oops" but I seriously doubt that's what it actually means. 

This "move" is on my pantry wall. I hope they don't move it too much. I like the size of my pantry. 

These lines are on the crooked studs over the fireplace. They need to straighten them out. 

This one says "change window opening" and points to my top window that has yet to be installed 

One of my favorites

Pointing at this

My boyfriends tub was installed. He sat in it with plenty of room to stretch out. He was very happy.  I'm just glad we upgraded to the larger water heater. 

The electric panel is in and the meter is installed outside. They dug a trench and connected it all to the ugly green cap by the curb line. 

As you can see in the picture above. They also came out and finished installing the cable boxes. We have to thank Cathy and John for that. They have suffered with no cable or internet while the utility companies figured out if our street really does exist. Men is suits were called... They called friends of friends in other offices... Finally the big trucks rolled in yesterday and made something happen. 


  1. Thats a good inspector, we still need to hire one before pre drywall meeting

  2. Hello, we are also building with Inverness and JP is our super. We are building over in the Carriage Trails development in North Huber Heights. Very happy to see that JP was very particular when inspecting the framing. We are in the very early stages of framing and with me being very particular I already have questions/concerns. Hoping JP won't let anything slide :)