Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On site with Guardian and Long Electric

We met with Guardian at 9am. There seems to be only a one to two day advance warning about these meetings. We've been very lucky that both of us have been free for them. 

Long Electric was at the house as well. I greeted Ron from Guardian, while my boyfriend made the small changes with the electrician. 

He moved the outlet over the fireplace just a little higher as he will have a sound bar below the TV.  He moved over the outlet in the basement as well. I had him delete the dishwasher switch in my kitchen as it is no longer code to have one. It makes my backsplash a little less cluttered. 

With Guardian we walked each level and place our internet lines, cable lines, intercoms and motion sensors. He marked each spot with black spray paint and labeled each with a green marker. 

As we walked through we noticed just a couple more things. Our office window is still not installed and the opening is marked 'Need 48 1/2" X 72" '. I'm assuming they have to reframe it. 

And as we walked through with Guardian the electrician called us over to the laundry room. Our closet has some issues.  It seems the doorway was placed on the side rather than the front. Making it impossible to open as it faces my dryer. Hmmm  I just walked the house yesterday and didn't even notice it. It's proof that several walks need to be made to catch it all. So if you have the chance, visit your home often. 

We thanked the electrician for his hard work by bringing him some of his favorite beer. 

The fireplace guys showed up just as we were leaving. A very busy day at the Darby. 

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