Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Guardian, Electric and Plumbing continue

It looks like Guardian came through and pre-wired. 

They located their box in our basement closet. 

The intercom on our front porch. 

Long electric was there once again. I think they are about finished up. They were cleaning up after themselves, which was nice to see. 

Wiring for our outdoor lights popping through. 

The plumbers are at the house working.  

The sump pump 

They had the 3rd bay garage down.  It's an 8 X 8 door. 

I was able to meet with JP at the house. He marked my laundry closet to get it fixed. We asked to get a rough estimate on a closing date. He told me to give him one week and he'd get it to us. He is also looking into adding an additional heating vent to our basement, as there is only one.  Once the subcontractors are done he will do a final walk through to get any issues fixed. 

Indents on the side of the house for the brick wrap around. 

Cathy and Johns back lawn seems to be coming in nicely. One of those things I worry about. 

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