Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Electrical and Plumbing prep

It looks like they were busy at the house today. 

Each switch is labeled above it. It made it really easy to see if our changes were made, and they were. 

The thermostat, light switch and outlet below for the hallway leading to the staircase. 

The added outlet over the fireplace. 

The outlets and switches on my backsplash instead of on the wall. 

They were able to move the switch for the breakfast nook light over next to the peninsula.  It was by the back door. 

My recessed light package for the kitchen. It's going to be bright in here, that's for sure. 

The outlet moved higher on the wall in the loft for the kids TV

The high outlet in the basement for mounting the TV. 

Now these outlets? or switches? are on the ceiling of the unfinished basement. I have no clue what they are for. 

Holes cut out for plumbing. The master shower and water closet. 

The laundry room 

Kitchen ceiling, kids bath above 

Pictures to take note of. 

Still major punctures in the exterior wood. 

Only one heating vent in the entire basement. 

Two strange pieces of wood with a really bad nailing job in AJs room. 

Squeaking floor.  Where the seams meet just before the kids upstairs hallway. 

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