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Home Sweet Home
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Friday, April 3, 2015

The plumbers have arrived

The plumbers were at the house yesterday.  I didn't want to take pictures while they were working, so I stopped by before work today and snapped a few.

This is where the powder room will be in the lower office.

This is where the hvac and water heater will be, in the unfinished portion of the basement. 

This is where the full bath will be in the finished portion of the basement. 

This is under the kids study. I'm assuming it will be used for the kitchen, etc on the main floor. This is the finished portion of the basement so I'm not sure if they are boxing off a part of this. I don't remember this from the model. Time to email JP. 

In the very back corner is where the sump pump sits in the unfinished portion. 

I love being able to capture each step of the process. We'll have a visual reference if anything ever comes up later. 

The electrical has been dug all the way down my road.  (The long trench on the opposite side of the road)

Now they are using equipment to bore under the road and string it to our side. 

It looks like it will come across right at the property marker between our house and the next lot. This means the electrical will come to the house on the kitchen side. Now we need to know from JP where the electrical panel will be placed. 

On the opposite side of the road across from our house. 

And where it comes out on our side. 

Yep, The Bluffs are still a giant mud pit. We told Susan to tell her boss they need to get the landscaping done so people will be more apt to come look at sites. Nobody wants to drive on muddy roads and tramp through the mud. Time for a big cleanup after these electrical guys are done. 

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  1. Wow, looking good! They've done such a neat job with your basement. Our job site was very messy--) congrats on another step forward!