Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Deja Vu

I pulled into The Bluffs today and the first thing I noticed was JPs truck. He was parked at the model home. So I instantly think to myself, "I'll kill two birds with one stone. Get answers from JP AND a peek inside the Hammond model."

My boyfriend is still concerned about the amount of backfill and grading. JP will be using the dirt from his next basement dig to flatten out our backyard. 

I also got a better grasp of our timeline. We are in a holding pattern due to the weather. It has rained every day since our inspection and is supposed to rain every day next week. So, again, we are delayed. I asked when he feels we will get done considering all the weather delays we have. He feels like the end of June is still attainable for us. I was very happy to hear that. I did let him know that we won't freak if it runs into July, but anything later becomes an issue for us.  I asked him to just shoot us an email when they are ready to pour. 

Then came the fun part. The model home is flat out gorgeous!!!  It is MY house. It's the color and design I chose for my home with some small tweaks. I seriously need to meet their designer. We would totally hit it off.  Two words for you. Trim - Work!  There is a reason my boyfriend received a miter saw for Christmas. 

This is the Hammond great room. Similar to ours but a bit smaller and less windows. I love the color. Their carpeting is the SAME carpeting I chose!! I love the trim on their massive walls. It fills the space so nicely. I'm getting ideas!! 

In the sneak peak from Susan I knew it had a similar kitchen, just opposite coloring. We have the dark counter and white cabinets. That's MY backslash though and it's stunning. Those are MY dark floors. Sigh! 

They even added a window to their nook. It wasn't even an option. We had to special request it. Did they literally read our choices and copy them??!!  I love how it brightens it all up. So much light. 

Their dining room, what will be our kids study. I am in love with the trim work.

The hall bath is almost identical to what we have. The dark cabinet, white counter. Our flooring is just a tad lighter version. 

The tray ceiling in the master. We chose a sloped tray but I like how they used color. 

They are still working on the master bath. This is my bathroom. SAME counter choice. SAME cabinet choice. SAME flooring. What the heck?  At least I know it all works together. My home is going to be gorgeous, just as this model is. 

Susan should be moving in soon and now I can take paint samples, drapery, etc. over to see if it will work in my home. I'm so excited!


  1. Oh my goodness Kathy.. I finally get somewhat of a chance to catch up and THIS IS STUNNING! Clearly they took after your house. It definitely sounds like it and it DEFINITELY looks like your home is going to be a stunner. I am in love. So beautiful. Do they you just hate April and it's darn rain?! I hope it stops soon!!!! I can't wait to see YOURE home! :)

    1. Thanks Michelle. This just amped my excitement level up. To actually see my choices in action rather than in my head was awesome. Now I just have to get to work on paint choices. We are going to paint most everything but the great room. That will wait until after our 1yr. It's too big for us so we will hire a professional.

  2. Wow. Horrible autocorrect and using a phone. I meant don't you hate and YOUR lol! Oh well.