Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Lot #9043

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Rainy Sunday

With the rain coming down and the fact that it's Sunday, there is really no point going to check on the house. 

But today is Susan's first day in her new office and I played Welcome Wagon by bringing her flowers. She was already smiling when I came in. It's been a good day at the Bluffs. 

She priced out lot #9047, just on the other side of Cathy & Johns. They want to build a Pinehurst I. The same as the spec house without the second floor bedroom and loft. They placed a lot hold so it looks like we'll get some more new neighbors. 

She also had a visit from a very excited Cathy and John. They are 10 days out from closing and thrilled beyond belief. 

More rain is expected tomorrow so it should remain all quiet until Tuesday. I'll get back to cleaning and reorganizing, prepping for the big move. 


  1. SO MUCH CLEANING! Haha I know the feeling. We just purged so much of our sons toys.. it's honestly a big relief. I finished going through much of my clothes and am "redoing" a purge of those as well to see if I've changed my mind about getting rid of more. I really want to live "more simply" in this home, if that doesn't sound too crazy! :) Next up my husband needs to get his tail moving on his clothes!

    1. So much of the design of our new house is to "fix" the clutter issue we have with our current house. We currently walk into the kitchen/dining from the garage, so EVERYTHING gets thrown on my table or on my kitchen island. Now they will have to walk through two rooms to get to my kitchen and table. I'm going to guard it like a mama bear lol