Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday at The Bluffs

The crew came by and used a saw to score the concrete. It's how they minimize cracking as it dries, due to shrinkage. 

The utility guys were on our property putting together our little green cap. The giant green box is across the street. They spoke to us for a while. Asking about our "strange basement layout" so we explained it to them, as well as the odd shape of our lot. We asked them what utilities they were putting in. We have the cables for electric, gas and cable. The only thing they weren't doing was phone. What concerns me is they are covering up the trench as they get each section done. So does that mean when the phone guys come out they have to dig more trenches???  Very odd.  Another company has to come dig a trench to our house from the green cap to connect the house to it all. That will come after framing. 

The Pinehurst for sale across the street is getting her siding and brick. 

It actually sits right across the street from Cathy and Johns Bentwood. They poured the driveway, walkway and porch yesterday when they did our foundation. It looks like they have some trim work and the sidewalk to get done. Only 19 more days until closing. 

Next week they are putting in the landscaping for the model home and the common spaces. That should draw in some more buyers. 

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  1. I stay amazed at how larger your basement looks---:) I just love it....and love the progress that's being made!!