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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Brought to you by Pinterest...

It's my day off today.  I'm feeling a bit like a school age girlfriend who doesn't want to smother her new boyfriend.  I REALLY want to go over to the house to watch for signs of life.  BUT instead I am sitting at my desk daydreaming about my future home. AKA... procrastinating cleaning the house. :)

If you are having trouble getting ideas for your new home... let me introduce you to this magical world of Pinterest.  You can get great ideas, from color design and furniture arrangement, to flooring and fixtures.

Today I started thinking about paint.  We are planning to use the incredible discounts of Memorial Day Weekend to get all of our big shopping done for the house.  We will get our appliances, furniture and paint.  The kids will be picking out their own colors.  They are probably going to settle with blue and pink, as their rooms are now.

I love soothing natural colors.  Right now I'm all about the gray.  I want a beautiful soothing gray scheme, but I want to add some natural colors like creams and taupe.  And lest we forget the old adage, "Every room needs a touch of black".  So off to Pinterest to get some ideas.

So now I have some ideas.  I would like to try to keep to the warmer gray colors.  We will be using Sherwin Williams paint, all I have to do is translate this scheme into SW colors.

I am thinking... (this picture comes off with more tan in it than it is in person)

Top from the left: Gauntlet Gray, Dovetail, Mindful Gray
Bottom from the left: White Duck, Agreeable Gray, Mega Greige

Our great room will be staying Inverness White until after our 1yr inspection.  Next years tax refund will pay for that paint. :)  The rest of the house is getting painted.

I love wall designs but I'm intimidated by wallpaper.  Mostly the putting it up part, but also the idea that changing it requires having to remove it.  The only other option is stenciling.

I want to stencil the inside of my Pantry.

I love stripes, but my boyfriend is not a huge fan.  We came up with this compromise for the powder room.

I want to put a feature wall behind my washer and dryer.

I am going to "hide" some stripes in my mudroom closet.

The only problem was figuring out how or where I was going to find what I needed to make this happen.   Pinterest to the rescue.  I found a pin linking to a great stencil company.    Cutting Edge Stencils.  Their stencils are about $40 a piece.  They can be washed off and reused.

I am thinking this design for my pantry.

And this design for my laundry room.

Alright I think I've let enough time pass... it's time to "casually" drive by the house and see what's up.  Then I guess I better get back to clean my kitchen and get my laundry going. 

**UPDATE**  I stopped by Sherwin Williams to pick up paint chips. I'll take them to the model home to see how well they match up to my choices. I found out they are having a 40% OFF SALE THIS WEEKEND! That's even better than their Memorial Day sale. Since I'm not sure on colors yet he said we can buy the paint this weekend and have it tinted later at no charge. I think we know what we are doing this weekend. Now how do I calculate how much we are going to need? Lol

P.S.  THEY STARTED FRAMING!!  We have mini walls. I took a pic but I'll be posting later. I want to stop by every couple of hours to record the progress. I'm using the model home visit as one excuse and I'm going to bring Frostys over to the crew later. Then I'm not just the annoying woman who keeps taking pictures. 


  1. I'm with you -- I think wallpaper can look pretty, but it's such a PITA to apply and remove I think I prefer the stencil option. Did you ever read the Young House Love blog? They stenciled a fair amount, and it looked really pretty. (In particular, I thought what they did in their office was really nice.) They had some good advice on how to do it, too.

    1. Thanks for the info. I will have to check out that blog.