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Home Sweet Home
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Monday, April 6, 2015

Plumbing concerns, electrical and a looming inspection

My last post on plumbing I mentioned the pipes coming up in what will be our finished basement.  We were concerned they were placed mistakenly on the wrong side, so we sent an email to JP.   We also went to visit Susan and bring her up to speed on our progress. We then found out JP is on the Appalacian trail enjoying spring break with his family. I assumed that meant we wouldn't hear from him but he responded fairly quickly. 

Well these two pipes are meant to be here. They exist in the model as well, though the model doesn't have a finished basement. I honestly have no clue what these are for but one will be enclosed in the wall and the other will be boxed around. I think I can live with that. 

Today was prep day for pouring the foundation. They smoothed out the gravel in the garage and put a vapor barrier in the basement. Tomorrow is inspection day, then time to pour. Slowly but surely getting there.  I think it would seem to go faster if I didn't stop by every day, but I do love seeing each step of the process. 

The electrical is now on our lot. It's right at the property line between us and our future neighbor. We still want to know where the electrical panel will go, but since JP is on vacation, that can wait. 

News from Susan:

The VP of construction doesn't like the stone on the model home. It's getting pulled off and being replaced. I had to laugh. When my boyfriend and I first saw it we shook our heads at the choice. The brick and siding are beautiful and the stone just doesn't mesh at all. 

Cathy and John our closing on their Bentwood on April 30th. Their driveway has forms to pour the concrete. Probably the same concrete trucks that will be at our house. I just hope this electrical work is done before they move in. Now time to put together some sort of housewarming gift for them. 

The Buchanans building the Camden had their pre-drywall meeting this past week. Their siding was just starting to go up today.  

Still no bites on the Pinehurst II house. They are selling it for $250k. I think once it gets far enough along for pictures it will sell quickly. It's a gorgeous house, even in the framing stage. So if you know any friendly people in Ohio looking for a new house, send them Susan's way. 

The Bluffs is moving along. Now bring on the inspectors!


  1. I'm loving the layout of your basement. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  2. How are you today, Kathy? This is a good look back at the earlier stages of the construction of your house. Your work here looks impressive, with the thorough way you dealt with electrical and plumbing at the most basic level. I'm sure the inspections went by smoothly in those areas. The work here probably had a strong impression on them too. Cheers!

    Steve Beliveau @ First Class Inspections