Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Monumental Step

I stepped into our home for the first time today. The first floor is basically framed out. We are just missing our wall of windows at the back of the house.  The owners level looks almost complete as well. 

My front door. (minus the door). The small window to the left is the mudroom. 

As you enter, at the right is the "flex room" or as we call it, the kids office. This is where we encounter our first problem while building. We originally put in a request for a double French door here. When our appraisal came back too low, this doorway was cut from the plan to save us $1000. It's supposed to have an archway opening now. A text has been sent to Susan and an email to JP. A free set of French doors would be nice though ;)  This is why you should follow them along every step of the way. It's easier to fix now than later. 

This is the archway on the left side of the entryway leading into our mudroom. On the plan it's a doorway, but we deleted it, and added the arch, as its one of those doors that would never be closed anyway. 

The closet of the mudroom

The window looking out of the mudroom

The archway in the right leading into my kitchen. You can see the pantry beyond. 

Looking into the breakfast nook from the back of the kitchen. I don't know if anyone is like me, but the first thing I noticed is my side window is SO much taller than the back doorway. I'll have to work magic with curtains to make it a bit more symmetrical. It will drive me bonkers. 

Our view from the morning room

Looking into the great room from the kitchen.  It's a house of archways. I love it. 

The fireplace is the only thing residing on our back wall currently.  This will be a giant wall of windows. 

The stairways (not yet in place). The left will lead down to the office, the right will lead up to the owners suite. 

The giant wall I will have to somehow decorate, and the owners suite. 

Looking up into the owners bath. The left is the shower. The middle is the water closet. The right is the walk in closet. 

The rest of the walk in closet. The open space is the bedroom.  

The office and owners suite from the front. 

They have yet to put up the garage walls. I know a lot of people say their homes seem small at this stage, but this sucker is going to be huge. It feels really big walking through it. Maybe because it has no roof yet. lol

Views from the sides and back 

From the very back post of our lot. 

It looks like JP cleared about another 10ft of trees and brush back here. YAY!  More yard. I'm not complaining. Our excavator is giving us more dirt from a Ryan homes lot down the street to even this all out. 

There were no signs of life at the house this morning. Hence all the cool pics. Can you tell I'm a bit excited? 

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  1. How exciting!! Before you know it, you'll be kicking your feet up on your new couch...in your new family room...in your new home!! :)