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Home Sweet Home
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

First day of framing

There were only two guys on site all day. I was able to speak with them about the process. They feel like they will be done with framing by the end of next week. That's just crazy fast.

My first visit at 10am

My last visit around 3pm. The crew packed up for the day just after noon. 

Here's a pic of what this room is going to look like, for reference.  Just in reverse. 

The window in our future office. 

If they are done by the end of next week, that means we have a few meetings to get scheduled quickly. 

We are able to meet with three sub-contractors and make changes by paying them directly. Everything else has to come after closing. 

So we already had our first meeting with Guardian. We will need to meet up with him again after framing, so in the next couple weeks, to decide placement of our intercom system, security system and all the other things we signed up for. To be honest it was so long ago I had to go back on my blog to remember what all we purchased. 

We will also need to meet with the electrician around the same time. I want to discuss placement of light switches with him. My boyfriend wants to add on a few things like an extra outlet for a future hot tub and motion detection lighting. 

The last sub-contractor we meet with is our landscaper. I called and left a message for him today. We want to add on a patio and some extra landscaping to our package. JP told me today that the landscaper is crazy busy this time of year and to be patient waiting to hear back. 

We ran into Susan on our last visit today. It's her day off and she's getting her new office set up. She has a pricing appointment on Saturday at The Oaks, so she will officially move in on Sunday. Here are a couple photos I was able to get at The Hammond. 

Their front door is very similar to the one we chose.  The window paneling is just slightly less detailed than ours will be. 

The two upstairs bedrooms. 

The finished master shower. 

I was able to bring some of my paint samples to view next to my backslash and bathroom countertop. 

P.S. I was able to find a paint calculator online. We will be purchasing 11 gallons of paint for the house this weekend at the Sherwin Williams sale. 

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