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Home Sweet Home
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Friday, March 27, 2015

We love Susan

We usually head to the Darby model on weekends and see Susan. The past couple weeks we've just had too much going on. It's nice to know she's thinking of us

As far as the Hammond models kitchen, it's absolutely gorgeous. But that backsplash... That's MY backsplash!!  I had to special order that backsplash and there it is in the new model.  AND they have gray paint. I wanted gray paint and it's not even an option.  

This is similar to what our kitchen will look like. We have a longer line of cabinets and a stainless steel canopy hood in place of the middle cabinets.  Our cabinets are white and our granite is black and gray. 

The Hammond model is one of three similar models for Inverness. Sort of like how Ryan Homes have a similar layout, just varying size and number of rooms. 

The Durham is just a smaller version of the Darby. Susan describes it as the Toyota, while the Darby is the Lexus. It has fewer included options and a smaller floor plan. 

The Hammond has a slightly different layout. It doesn't have the multiple levels, but has a similar layout. The square footage is bigger than the Durham but smaller than the Darby. 

The Darby II

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  1. That kitchen is stunning! But seriously you're sounds AMAZING! That stainless hood... Oh man I can't wait to see!!!