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Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My house stinks!

I went by on my way home from work and found this

Boy does this stuff stink when it's fresh. I'm assuming they are backfilling and grading so all of this nasty black stuff is underground. My boyfriend emailed "JP", Jeff Peyton the construction supervisor. He asked if Jeff could meet us at the house to walk the lot and talk about the yard. 

What I found interesting is every inch of wall surrounding the actual house is sealed. Even inside the garage that meets up with the house. But the rest of the garage, inside and out, are not sealed. I certainly don't want water damage to my garage. 

They also sealed inside the front porch that meets up to the house, but not the front of it. Will that mean I will have issues with my front porch in years to come?  All good questions for JP. 

As a side note, I am really liking the exterior choice of our neighbors. Their siding is making its way onto the house. They chose a red brick with a sort of bluish tinge to is. Blue-red if that makes sense. The siding is Cape Cod Gray. It's the darkest gray you can choose and its a cool blue-gray. The trim looks ivory. 

We chose platinum gray, a light warm gray color. The brick is brownish with gray grout, it's called savannah gray.  Our trim is glacier white, the brightest white. The shutters will be black. 

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