Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I've earned my explorer badge

On my last visit I was able to get a picture of the back of our house. There seems to be a really small space between the house and the trees, maybe 15 ft at the closest point. When we originally walked the lot, the lot stakes hadn't been placed at the back yet so we only had an idea of the width. I imagined the trees were at the very back of the lot. I learned yesterday that they sit in the middle of our lot. Of course, something new to fret about. What kind of backyard are we really going to have?

Spring has arrived and the weather has been perfect. Several dry days made it really easy to navigate the woods. So I decided to go exploring. I was very pleased to find iron stakes hammered into the ground at our lot corners in back. I'm not sure when they placed them. 

This is the current phase of our home. 

And this is our lot plan. I have labeled all of the corners to coincide with all my pictures. It may be hard to visualize. The green are the trees. The blue is this cute little creek I found down behind our lot. The kids are going to be so excited. 

The little hands point to the stakes and general direction of the next corner. 

From the curb line

Luckily this stake is right next to a large tree. Easy to locate. 

From point C toward the road

The view from point C to the house. It really slopes down on this side of the house. 

From point C to D. Most of this is small brush-like trees that we will clear out. There is actually grass growing in the underbrush. 

Halfway to point D. You can see the clearing beyond and our two back stakes. 

This is the point I heard the sound of water and was delighted to see a small creek. 

From point D facing back to point C. I estimated the direction as best I could through the trees. 

From point D to point E. This slope in the clearing will be perfect for sledding in the snow. The rest of the clearing beyond our lot is green space for the development and won't be built on. 

From point E toward the road. 

It's a huge backyard, all in all. I'm just not sure how landscaping is going to go. We will certainly be putting a lot of work into making it usable. 

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  1. Our lot is actually quite similar. You don't get a lot of backyard (ours is lined out at about 13-15 feet). But you do get more side and front yard. No creek behind us- but there is a trail that goes straight to the park.