Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Things just got real

We received a call from our landlord yesterday. He wants to show the house tomorrow morning. 

Our lease isn't up until the end of July. He seems to be getting a huge head start. 

Our area is around Wright-Patt AF base.  Spring time is moving time here. People coming and going. We toured the area and picked the house in April, though we moved in during July, four years ago.  

So from now on we're going to have to keep the house tidy and ready to go for these showings. Not an easy task with two kids. 

Then the thoughts of actually having to pack ALL of this up. Ugh!  

The excitement of building is great. My innate ability to procrastinate and dread of having to organize, clean and pack??? Not so much. 

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