Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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Saturday, March 14, 2015

So that's what it's for...

It's Saturday and it's raining for the second day in a row. The Bluffs are nothing more than a mud pit with 5 homes in varying stages of completion. 

The electic company is still at work burying the lines. So far the entrance road has been dug up, the lines laid and half of it is covered again. The lines now stretch above ground around the corner to our road, but they haven't dug the trench yet. I'll get pics of their process tomorrow when no one is at work. 

In the distance sits our house. One of the gravel piles has disappeared and a small tractor sits in front. 

They have pushed the gravel down the slope into the footers. The best part is now I have a gravel walkway to get pictures. No more muddy shoes!  However, this is not on the side of our driveway. I have a feeling we will be picking little rocks out of our front yard for years to come. 

It looks as though they didn't get much farther than pushing it down the slope.
I find it interesting how there seems to always be progress of some sort, though I never come upon someone actually working.  

All of the rain this week has turned our foundation into a pond. But what do I see?? The infamous black tubing being put to use. They have laid it on the inside and outside of the foundation footers. I'm assuming it will be hooked up to the sump pump?  

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  1. Kathy, are you correct about the rocks for years to come. LOL. They truly impact the way your yard will grow. They SAY THEY WILL CLEAN THEM UP, but the really dont. They bring in a ROCK HOUND but that doesnt really do the job either. Our house was completed in January so I had to look at those rocks until JUNE until they started to attempt our lawn................anyway................what I am getting it is......................yes..........when the time comes closer I would DEF start digging out those rocks before they put down that final tiny layer of dirt. Every rock that remains will become a dirt patch in your grassy yard and for years...........yup......years you will be picking out those rocks. If I seem passionate about this.....I AM. I have been fighting my yards for 3 years now. And it is a fight when NOT done properly. And OH........DUH.....what I wanted to say was, I used to be out in my own yard AFTER we moved in with a wheelbarrow and collects rocks and wheel it down the street to the next empty lot. While other people in June we tending to their grass and plants, I was out there like a crazy women collecting rocks, but all my neighbors a the time said, AWESOME IDEA, GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN.